In the spring of 2013 I was invited to establish a ceramics activities department at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. I now offer weekly classes in the Margaret Thatcher Infirmary with a great response from the pensioners. This is something I am extremely proud of having built the classes from scratch. Sparking interest in a completely new activity has been a challenging yet hugely enjoyable task and one made all the easier by working with such inspiring people. As well as a day long drop-in class, I also now offer a session on the dementia unit. The pensioners are incredibly proud of what they make and certainly seem to have the bug for it - they all call themselves ‘potty’! To date we’ve held two exhibitions, both receiving high acclaim from staff, volunteers and relatives. Now with our own kiln, the Pensioners are in high production and are turning into the Chelsea Potters, never mind the Chelsea Pensioners!

More work from the Chelsea Potters here

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